There are many circumstances that may require the assistance of a lawyer, and in many instances an individual may not require the services of a litigation attorney. However, when an issue arises that may result in your case being argued in court, a litigation attorney will need to be called upon to represent you. Litigation attorneys may specialize in a specific field or have a more general focus and it’s important to ensure that any lawyer you choose is qualified to handle your specific needs. Litigation Attorney Responsibilities The job of a litigation attorney is to represent you throughout the proceedings of a lawsuit in an attempt to procure a favorable decision on your behalf. While cases handled by litigants often result in a trial before a judge, many others are settled outside of court. Regardless of the outcome, your lawyer will be with you throughout the process, so it’s important to ensure a comfortable working relationship. The basic steps in the process will include: Initial Assessment — Your lawyer Strafverteidiger Wels will work with you to gain a full understanding of the details of your case by conducting interviews with you and identifying pertinent witnesses, as well as by […] read more