The key to success in office relocation is perfect plan of the undertaking. Plan and his professional realizing according to a predetermined plan, will allow all activities to be synchronized with each other. Working in this way, we will realize every office relocation fast and effective.

Along with the development of the company, there may be a need to change the main registered office. Changing the company’s main office is a serious logistic undertaking, and to realize this plan, you will need to hire a professional removals company. The company management must remember to organize the moving in such a way that it is fast realized, simple and efficient.

It is not easy to realize so big project without any plan, especially hard to realize if the company office is located under the same address from long time and has accumulated a lot of equipment and documents.

So, how to move that all equipments to a new headquarters in fast way? Answer will give you a worker from professional moving company. His advises will help you to reduce the time of office relocation to the necessary minimum. While preparing a plan of office removal, you have to remember about a few special important aspects for this kind of project.


Office moving plan


Overview of office devices and equipments

You have to carefully consider the plan of removal, and decide whether all old devices, furniture and equipment in the old office will be necessary in the new office and whether they will fit there. You have to take a look at the equipment of the old office and decide what will be useful in the new office, and what may simply be thrown away or send to charity.

Time of relocation

The next important step is to decide when to arrange the office move, which day and what time. It should be the most convenient date for the office and his employees. If possible, it should be after closing all daily works. The move to the new company headquarter usually take a one or one and half day. The date of the removal should be announced to all employees in advance to let them prepare for this action.

Transport booking

Having a designated date of moving, you can book transport for furniture and equipment which you want to move to a new office. You should calculate together with the removal company manager how many trucks you will need to realize removal efficiently. 


Securing of office equipment and documents

All electronic equipment, printers, monitors, computers, laptops, photocopiers and other devices, while in transport can be damaged and that’s why you will need to pack all in styrofoam cartons and bubble foil. The boxes should be labelled with information that they need special attention.

Similar procedure, you should proceed with all glass elements, and secure them with bubble wrap. Chairs and desks can be unscrewed to facilitate their transport. Documents and books need to pack into large boxes and describe them, what is packed inside.

During the office move, remember to have control over important and sensitive company documents. You can’t let them out of your eyes. Documents should be entrusted to a competent person, an employee of the company, who will have only this one duty to care about documents. Confidential documents should be transported in special packages.


Planning a space in the new office

In addition to planning a relocation of the office, we must plan the distribution of the equipment transported from the old office. You can draw a plan of office rooms on a paper and arrange employee stations, and show to the workers where to leave equipment, devices and documents.

With well-prepared plan, you have a chance to relocate the office in one day only. So, good luck.

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